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His Name Media started out as an online publication company, publishing an online magazine “Beautiful In His Image." Through our advertisement services, Kimberly McGhee identified the ongoing needs of advertisers to expand their brand’s message, which launched the expansion of His Name Media Group to HNMpr offering strategy sessions in marketing, brand management, and public relations.

As the demands grew, so did the company. As customers needed more comprehensive support, HNMpr forged partnerships with leading agencies throughout the country to deliver an inclusive profile strategy in media, marketing, and management.   HNMpr understands the heart of a ministry, nonprofit, startup, and Fortune 500 company and we are proud of our reputation for our creative and edgy style and is one of the best in the industry based on our clients and partners.

We are extremely proud of our innovative reputation in social media management.  Teaching brands the benefits of social media by defining goals to identifying the right social platform, to developing a continuous flow of revenue through sales funnels.  HNMpr is able to show companies how  to interact and build communities while creating a deeper, more meaningful engagement.


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